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SicilYoga is the first yoga center in the Taormina area designed to host exclusively yoga classes, events and retreats. 



Trek and Yoga activities


Regular Yoga


SUP Yoga


A Yoga Retreat


We are a group of women passionate about yoga, Sicily and nature.

We want you to feel, see and taste Sicily.


We believe Sicily should be experienced also from an energetic approach, and when you are able to really feel what Sicily has to offer, you will understand why so many people are attracted by this gorgeous island!


People, places, food make the energy of a place, and with SICILYOGA we guarantee you a journey that will leave you restored, revitalized, and happy!

Isn't this why we go on holiday? 


Caterina Allegra

Founder of SicilYoga

Join her on her trek and yoga and yoga in nature experiences. With a degree in Biology, Ecology and Conservation, Caterina has lived, worked (in environmental research) and traveled abroad for many years until she settled in Sicily (where she grew up) to teach yoga. She has more than 500hrs of Yoga Alliance certified training and teaches Yin Yoga, Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Therapy, Prenatal Yoga and Trapeze Yoga® with a functional approach and speaks 6 languages. She considers yoga as grassroot environmental acrivism for women empowerment and is passionate about life and all its expressions.

Ylenia D'Agostino

Yoga Teacher

Ylenia is a Hatha yoga teacher who wants to bring more body awareness into her classes. 
Spending almost every day among horses, she has discovered great life lessons that she wishes to pass on. When she is not at the stables she runs with her partner, you can find her lost in nature, with her dogs, taking long walks.  She loves creating videos, photographing elements of nature, or pursuing any other art form dictated by the moment.
She has travelled a lot but decided, in 2018, to settle in Sicily, following her roots. With a degree in Japanese language and culture, she wants to bring some concepts from the land of the rising sun into her practice.

Emilia Contarino

Our Talented Cook

Her mission is to make you discover local food in harmony with the seasons, with knowledge of ayurveda and Chinese medicine principles. She infuses her dishes with the love, zest and joy that are her trademarks. She finds harmony in yoga, singing and dancing and loves spending time in Nature, admiring the beauty and perfection of the natural cycles. 

Antonella Bonfiglio

Yoga Teacher RYT 500

My yoga journey began in 2001 in the United State, while I was training  for a marathon ( I ran 20  marathons injury-free). Since then, I continued to deepen my practice and understanding of this beautiful discipline. In 2007, I enrolled in my first teacher trading at Moksha Yoga Center, Chicago, which I completed a year later. In 2010, I started studying with Ana Forrest and I completed the 200 hr Foundational Teacher Training in Cranston, Rhode Island. In 2018, I completed the Forrest Yoga Advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest and a Jose Calarco. My classes are appropriate for all levels. My intent is to support and guide students in their journey to awareness and clarity., stability and harmony, on a physical and mental level. As my teacher says, in my classes you will always find the right balance between  “a win and a challenge”.

Naomi Winnie

Dharma Yoga Teacher

Naomi is originally from Belgium and graduated in 2013 in Tourism Management. After a year of Erasmus in Barcelona, where she learned Spanish, she hasn't stopped travelling, deepening her knowledge of other cultures by living in various countries including Greece, Tunisia, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. In 2020 she took her first teacher training course in Hatha-Raja Yoga with Adriana Cabrera and Gerson, disciples of Sri Dharma Mittra, later deepening the study of Yoga philosophy. The yoga practice for her goes beyond physical postures and she considers yoga as a tool to live life more happily, with love and compassion, necessary to be able to serve through Karma Yoga. As Sri Dharma Mittra says: "Everything is perfect, everything is as it should be."

Sarah Scholl

Aerial Yoga Teacher

Sarah was born and raised in the United States but has lived in Sicily since 2013. She has been a dancer and yogi her entire life and discovered a love for the aerial arts about 14 years ago as a student at University in Colorado. She started practicing Aerial Yoga in conjunction with Pole Dancing and when she moved to Italy she spent a few years being part of a competitive pole dance team. After the birth of her daughter in 2021, she decided to bring her attention back to the practice of Aerial Yoga. In her lessons, Sarah combines her skills with her joyful character to create dynamic, light and fun lessons that will make you feel deeply energized.


Trek + Yoga and

Yoga in Nature experiences

Fire, Earth, Water and Air themed excursions.

Book your private excursion according
to your desires!

We go hiking and then practice yoga in the wild, inside extinct craters around Mount Etna, watching the sunrise from a mountain top, next to a river or under ancient trees.

We offer this unique experience since 2013 and it's still everyone's favourite! We also offer trek + yoga + wild camping experiences.

Contact us to know more!


Private or group classes in the placid waters of the Taormina bays with an experienced yoga teacher.  Develop mindfulness, focus, balance and have fun

Yin Yoga, Hatha, gentle and dynamic, Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal, Yoga Trapeze®. Join one of our regular drop-in classes (indoor and outdoor) or book a private class in our yoga center. We also come to you: book a private class in your accommodation, we bring all the equipment. 

SUP yoga

Regular yoga lessons

Yoga Events

We regularly offer yoga events.

Check our events page or contact us!

Yoga Retreats

Are you a yoga teacher?

Book your retreat in our yoga center! 


We offer you and your students: 

Accommodation in single and double rooms and apartments 

Meals cooked according to seasonal and Ayurvedic principles

One indoor yoga studio and one
outdoor yoga platform, both around 50 m². The yoga studio is equipped with 

highest quality props 

(yoga mats, straps, bricks, bolsters).

We also have 8 yoga trapezes.

Airport transfers, excursions and all you need to have a wonderful yoga retreat!

SicilYoga yoga center is located in Letojanni,

a few kms away from Taormina. 

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